This course features exclusive access to Bakau’s short film, RISE, which depicts the story of a young Black woman facing daily racial microaggressions and systemic barriers in her personal and professional life. The film, directed by Mariam Barry and produced by Cicely Belle Blain, is a poignant insight into the everyday realities of misogynoir, anti-Blackness and systemic oppression. While hard-hitting, the film also offers important lessons on empowerment, community care and collective liberation. 

The short film drives the learning of this course. Each scene is filled with salient moments that spark hours of reflection and conversation. Through recorded content, interactive activities and reflection questions, the course unravels a complex web of knowledge in an accessible and engaging way. 

Building off of powerful knowledge such as Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw’s theory of intersectionality, grassroots movements like Black Lives Matter and the wisdom of our collective ancestors, this course dives deep. This course is designed to provide the necessary tools to adopt anti-racism and intersectional feminism as strategic values both personally and organizationally.

Learning Outcomes

  • Effectively use an intersectional lens to understand the ways that various forms of oppression insect and overlap, creating compounding marginalizations for certain groups of people, particularly women and femmes of colour
  • Develop the skills to apply an intersectional lens to existing workplace equity and inclusion initiatives
  • Understand and apply critical race theory and critical thinking techniques to everyday situations
  • Understand misogynoir and the impacts of anti-Blackness, misogyny and racism on Black women
  • Recognize, critique and call out white supremacy in life and work
  • Explore lateral violence and how it manifests
  • Build empathy skills 
  • Transcend performative allyship and develop concrete strategies for solidarity and collective liberation

What's included

  • Exclusive viewing of Bakau’s short film, RISE, directed and produced by Black artists in Vancouver

  • Well-researched anti-racism content driven by data, lived experience and anecdotal evidence

  • Pre-recorded video presentations by Bakau’s experienced facilitators

  • Visually appealing diagrams and models

  • Interactive assessments and activities

  • Additional reading recommendations